“The complete lack of interest of the Minister of Tourism,

“The complete lack of interest of the Minister of Tourism,
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The Bulgarian Association of Restaurants and the Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria: The complete disinterest of the Minister of Tourism in the sector continues

“The complete lack of interest of the Minister of Tourism, Zaritsa Dinkova, towards this sector, which is so important for the Bulgarian economy, continues. From the first day in office, Mrs. Dinkova has done absolutely nothing for the benefit of the industry. We had hopes that he might undergo catharsis and development, but unfortunately they did not materialize. ”

Thus begins a position distributed to the media by the Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants . It continues as follows:

“Further evidence of her lack of interest has come in recent weeks. In a television interview, Zaritsa Dinkova refused to take a firm position on the subject of the renovation of Burgas Airport. Representatives of tourism along our Southern Black Sea coast have already expressed concerns about the method and dates for future repairs. However, Dinkova did not stand behind the interests of tourism, but passed the ball to the Ministry of Transport. Apparently, we need to explain to Mrs. Dinkova that it is her job to take a stand and protect Bulgarian tourism on any topic, even if it is not directly in her portfolio. For example, to find a solution for the repair of the road Varna – Burgas, which is in a deplorable state. And to insist that this does not happen during the active season and be consistent with the renovation of Burgas Airport.

And although Mrs. Dinkova openly tolerates the Northern Black Sea coast, evident from the funds that are directed there and with which she buys support without doing anything, she also hid when a problem arose there.

Such was the case with the infamous Marine Renewable Energy Bill. The so-called fins that were planned to be placed near the coast threatened the existence of our marine tourism at all. We are aware that Zaritsa Dinkova is part of the group that tried to push this lobbying law. However, this cannot be an excuse for her complete lack of interest. Her ministry tried to cover up the blunder with a lengthy statement only after the bill passed first reading. In contrast, the Ministry of Agriculture took a firm and reasoned position against it. The Ministry of Environment and Water also made many remarks.

And again, the tourism and fishing sectors had to fight for tourism and the commemoration of thousands without the Minister of Tourism. And to seek direct support from the parliamentary groups to which they can present expertise. And the leader of the largest parliamentary party is convinced that the draft law is harmful for Bulgaria. And they, as part of the petitioners, withdraw their support before the second reading.

But why do we need a minister of tourism, since we have to negotiate with the parties in the parliament?

Guided by the above, the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants and the Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria once again categorically state that the Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova did not justify her vote of confidence in the Denkov cabinet! And we express hope that during the upcoming rotation in the Bulgarian government, a person will be found who understands the subject, cares about Bulgarian tourism and will take care of it. ”

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