What the data shows is that a little over 60,000

What the data shows is that a little over 60,000
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Vladimir Malinov: Of the 60,000 MWh traded on the gas exchange on Friday, 37,400 MWh are actually owned by Bulgargaz

What the data shows is that a little over 60,000 MWh were actually traded on the Balkan Gas Hub on Friday. They were traded in three different products - " within the day ", " market day ahead " and " weekend ". Of these 60,000 672 MWh, 37,000 400 MWh were sold by Bulgargaz, and 40 transactions were made on these segments during the day, 18 of which belonged to Bulgargaz, the CEO explained. Bulgartransgaz " Vladimir Malinov in the morning block of BTV. We remind you that Bulgartransgaz is 100% owner of the platform on the gas exchange - " Gas Hub Balkan ". Asked whether it was possible to conclude deals in 3 seconds, Malinov confirmed that " yes, it is entirely possible ". " The aggression for stock exchange trading is a function of 4 different elements. First of all, what is the portfolio of a user - whether it is in excess, or in short supply of natural gas for the period or day. Second - what is the amount of this surplus (large or small). Third - what is its share of the market on the day and fourth, how liquid is the market itself. All these elements could affect the aggression of stock market behavior. The short answer is - it is possible, maybe in a shorter period of 3 seconds. The executive director of Bulgartransgaz added that the platform of Balkan Gas Hub, that is, the software product he works with, allows this. " This is a software product for retailers to meet their offers. The potential possibility of traders negotiating off-exchange is not first in our commitments. Secondly, let this be checked by the competent authorities, " he said, adding in response to a question whether information could be leaked that this could not happen if it is visible on the screen of the relevant stock segment. On the occasion of the sale of the so-called " Surpluses ", Malinov explained the specifics of balancing natural gas in the system. " Since 2014, there has been an EU regulation that addresses all these issues with balancing the system. Every user who has a contract with Bulgartransgaz, in pursuance of this European regulation, the balancing rules approved by the EWRC and all other documents is required to maintain its balance sheet portfolio close to zero. As this is a dangerous gas, under high pressure, Bulgartransgaz must first and foremost protect the integrity and security of the system. So every user (over 67) should keep their portfolio close to zero. There should be no major positive or negative imbalances. Therefore, the mechanism is envisaged, which is again approved by the regulator - in case someone has a positive imbalance in the system, leave larger quantities, but within this margin, which is acceptable, then " Bulgartransgaz " buys these quantities at a price, which is either approved by the regulator - minus 8% or the weighted average price achieved on the stock exchange, minus 8 percent. " Each user of our network has a different mix of natural gas. " Exactly specific gas is not sold on the stock exchange, but energy is sold, " Malinov said in response to a question why the so-called " Cheap " gas does not remain for consumers. Malinov also explained that Bulgargaz`s portfolio currently consists of three main components - Russian gas, which it receives under a contract from Gazprom Export, Azerbaijani gas and quantities that the company has stored in the Chiren gas storage facility. " The gas traded by Bulgargaz is definitely not from the gas storage in Chiren. They are a mix of these three sources, " Malinov explained. The executive director also said that the gas storage in Chiren currently has much less gas than last year. " Of the technical capacity of the gas storage in Chiren is slightly less than 25%. " These are not only Bulgargaz`s quantities, as we currently have 9 customers at the gas storage facility, " he said. " Indeed, compared to last year, we have 14-15% less quantities, " added the executive director of the transmission company. Malinov explained that a long-ago emergency plan has been approved to be acted upon in the event of a reduction, disruption of supplies or an emergency. There is no threat to supplies, but we are ready, " Malinov said. Earlier, he said that there were proposed recommendations to the Minister of Energy, which should be considered by the government. Vladimir Malinov was adamant that Bulgartransgaz has the necessary infrastructure to import the full volume of gas from Azerbaijan, but this depends on the traders with whom these contracts have been concluded. Malinov clarified that he is not familiar with the specific clauses of the contracts for delivery of Azerbaijani gas, but in case of need the transmission operator has the infrastructure to increase them. " Gas supplies, in addition to being a function of traders, in the case of the public supplier, but need political support, " he concluded.
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