The transition to remote report is a necessary decision of

The transition to remote report is a necessary decision of
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Ruse District Heating: The transition to a remote report requires a condominium decision

" The transition to remote report is a necessary decision of the General Assembly of the condominium, with a majority of 2/3 of the people living in the building. " " End users have the ability to choose the company to be their heat meter. For this purpose, an authorized representative of the building is required to sign the contract with " Ruse District Heating ". The teams of the company install individual heat meters and hot water tanks in all properties, " said the company. " In the case of remote societies, the removal of indications is carried out of respect. With modern modules, the collector no longer needs to enter the home. The report on all remote control reports for the whole city can be made in less than 15 minutes. The data is automatically transferred from the company report to the software company, " the center promised. " With the customers` remote devices, only the real consumption of steam and hot water is invoiced every month. According to the 100% monthly report on all shares for the share distribution in one city, the forecast and corrective accounts are eliminated. " Ruse District Heating reminds all customers
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that the deadline for full transition to a remote report on domestic hot water and heating is 01.01.2027. ”As a socially responsible enterprise, Ruse District Heating continues its information campaign in 2022 in order to be aware of the possibilities for reducing the payment for the used thermal energy and the use of the most economical and economical one. The company reminds that the maximum restriction of the access to the subscriber stations in the building will prevent possible manipulations and thefts of heat energy. " In this way, customers will ensure quality and reliable heat supply to all properties and correct metering of heat consumption, " added the company.

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