The first hydrogen project for Bulgaria is included in the

The first hydrogen project for Bulgaria is included in the
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The EC included in the projects of common interest the first hydrogen project for Bulgaria

The first hydrogen project for Bulgaria is included in the First list of projects of common interest and projects of mutual interest for the EU published by the European Commission today. The list was announced during the fourth edition of the Days of Projects of Common Interest in Energy in Brussels, Belgium. The Bulgarian gas transmission operator " Bulgartransgaz " participated for the second time with its own stand in the event organized by the European Commission. The " Hydrogen Transmission Infrastructure in Bulgaria " project proposed by Bulgartransgaz EAD is key to realizing the concept of transporting pure hydrogen. The planned infrastructure consists of a new pipeline with a length of about 250 km and two compressor stations in the area of Dupnitsa and Kulata. It is planned to create a hydrogen interconnection point with the network of the Greek gas transmission operator DESFA in the area of Kulata/Sidirokastro. The new infrastructure will allow two-way transfer of both domestically produced hydrogen and hydrogen from Greece. " Hydrogen transmission infrastructure in Bulgaria " is an important step in the development of the hydrogen network in the region and will make a significant contribution to the realization of the priority corridor for the transmission of green hydrogen from South-Eastern to Central Europe ", stressed the executive director of Bulgartransgaz EAD Vladimir Malinov. " With today`s decision of the Commission, the importance of the project is recognized and it is possible to apply for grant funding for research activities, and in the future to co-finance the construction itself. As a responsible gas transmission operator, we are already developing projects for the subsequent development of the hydrogen transmission infrastructure to neighboring countries, as well as for adapting the existing gas transmission system to work with hydrogen-gas mixtures, " he added. The inclusion of the " Hydrogen Transmission Infrastructure in Bulgaria " project in the list of projects of common interest to the Community is an important step in the implementation of the EU`s goals for decarbonization and ensuring affordable energy for all consumers. At its stand, " Bulgartransgaz " EAD informs about the implementation of current projects of common interest. In fulfillment of the European goals of building an interconnected and unified pan-European gas market, the construction of the Bulgarian section of the Bulgaria-Serbia interconnector was completed this year. This is a key connectivity project that enables the supply of liquefied natural gas from the terminals in Greece to Bulgaria`s western neighbor - Serbia. The other strategic project of common interest for the region that is being implemented is the expansion of the underground gas storage " Chiren ". The growth of supplies to Bulgaria and the region from alternative sources, including and liquefied natural gas, significantly increases the need for gas storage expansion. The two projects are implemented with partial grant funding from the EU under the Connecting Europe Facility.

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