In their quest to impose a complete monopoly on power,

In their quest to impose a complete monopoly on power,
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President Radev: The parties that changed the Constitution made the official cabinet vulnerable to party interference

In their quest to impose a complete monopoly on power, the parties that voted for the changes to the Constitution rendered the institution of the service cabinet meaningless and made it vulnerable to partisan interference. This was stated by President Rumen Radev in response to a journalist`s question today. According to the head of state, the proposal of acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev to release two ministers a week after the swearing in of the government is an indication of the failure of the constitutional reform. " I hope that Dimitar Glavchev realizes the damage to the cabinet and the overall trust in the electoral process when he swiftly fulfills the orders of his party leader. You see how orders are handed out from party meetings, how the Prime Minister is threatened, " the President pointed out on the occasion of the requested change of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Rumen Radev added that when he was responsible for previous caretaker governments, no party thought of making such interventions. " Until now, I have not appointed a deputy chairman of a political party in an office, " added the head of state. According to Rumen Radev, the question " who ordered the replacement of the Minister of Agriculture, whom Mr. Glavchev personally presented to remain in the office in the spirit of continuity and as proven managerial experience in the field " is also important. " Isn`t it strange that the prime minister changes his mind every other day? " asked the president and added that the changes in the caretaker government confuse society, business and Bulgaria`s partners. I will not interfere in the Prime Minister`s decisions, but I will insist that he keep his promise to me and the public, that he will propose a cabinet with equal distance from all parties, said Rumen Radev and added that as president he has a responsibility to maintain political decorum in the office. The president indicated that he would meet with the caretaker prime minister to discuss proposals for changes in the composition of the government. " I want to hear the real motives that made Mr. Glavchev so impetuously, without having worked with these people, without knowing them, to suddenly change his mind, " the head of state pointed out. " My commitment is to prevent a constitutional and administrative crisis, despite the inappropriate changes in the Constitution, " Rumen Radev also said. Asked to comment on whether the current situation will make it difficult to organize the elections, the head of state indicated that there is enough time until the vote. " The most important thing is to maintain trust in the electoral process. If we fail this trust, the consequences will be bad, " said Rumen Radev.