Atanaska Disheva is one of the four members of the ...

Atanaska Disheva is one of the four members of the

Judge Atanaska Disheva: Ivan Geshev Counts His Chickens before They Are Hatched

Atanaska Disheva is one of the four members of the Supreme Judicial Council who voted against the nomination of Ivan Geshev as Attorney General. In “This Sunday” she said her opinion hadn’t changed since he was appointed Prosecutor #1.

"Nothing that’s been happening denies anything that then served as a reason to vote against. The presumption of innocence is not respected - the President case, Bozhkov case. Indictment is not even a pretext for calling someone guilty. The cart is put before the horse, actions that suggest proven guilt are carried out, ”the magistrate commented.

She specified that the SJC had asked for additional information from the US Department of State on Mitalov case, which would hardly be provided. Their reaction comes after the US black- listed Judge Andon Mitalov for corruption.In her words, she has no idea how the United States have collected corruption data regarding Judge Andon Mitalov. She stated that it was difficult for her to take a stand on the magistrate's guilt.

On the other hand, we exist, we have rules of procedure, our own laws and the presumption of innocence we have to comply with, "Disheva explained.

The magistrate pointed out she had learnt about the request of the Minister responsible, Danail Kirilov through the media that SJC is supposed to release Mitalov because he had damaged the reputation of the judicial system. She added that no such request had been received on Friday. "The only time I have heard Judge Mitalov's name is in the case of allowing Mr Malinov to leave for Russia and receive a reward after he has been detained. Otherwise I don't know him, "Disheva explained.