Whether GERB wins the election or not, the party will

Whether GERB wins the election or not, the party will
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Svetoslav Malinov: Regardless of Whether GERB Wins the Elections, It Will Not Run the Country

Whether GERB wins the election or not, the party will not rule and its leader will no longer be prime minister. This is the forecast of Assoc. Prof. Svetoslav Malinov, Head of the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Philosophy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”, a former MEP from the group of the European People's Party.

"In European politics, the first political force regularly goes to opposition because it cannot form a government. In this sense, the symbolic meaning of an election victory cannot be denied, but if you have no partners, you go into opposition, as if you lost the election. The quick look at the current data is that there are changes that are yet to develop. Whether GERB wins the elections or not, it will not govern and the leader of GERB will no longer be prime minister, even if this leader is replaced before the early elections ", the political scientist is adamant.

"We, the Bulgarian citizens, are no longer so inexperienced that we do not know what happens when there are protests in the street and such an unpopular parliament, " Malinov told BNR. In his words, the crisis is already much larger than it was two months ago, when a blast of outrage erupted due to specific events.

The overwhelming majority of citizens believe that this parliament is completely exhausted and early elections should be held and this can be seen in the extremely low confidence, the political scientist said, according to whom the opposition will continue to fail the quorum in the National Assembly, and its maintenance will depend only on the discipline of the ruling party.

"The government is in survival mode ", Svetoslav Malinov says.

"It has a resource to survive, but when a government is in a particularly difficult internal and complex international situation, the survival regime is detrimental to its citizens. At the moment we cannot afford a government in survival mode, " he said.

The logic beyond protests and party logic, according to Malinov, says we should go to early elections, because at the moment "the instability of the state is in fact transferred to the responsibility of GERB, not the protesters. " Assoc. Prof. Malinov sees in this part of the big change compared to the situation two months ago.

The attitude towards Borissov and the GERB party at the European level has changed and this can no longer be hidden, Svetoslav Malinov added. According to him, "certain things could not be understood at an earlier stage. "

"At the moment, we cannot expect the European Union to solve our problem of early elections and the resignation of the government - this is offensive to us, but we can be sure that no one has any illusions, " he said.

"We had the opportunity to change this government or to change the GERB party or send it into opposition - we did not do it and in this sense, it is only we that can change things through elections, " the political scientist said.

We need to know what kind of a European reaction we can expect so that we do not anticipate "fake things and be disappointed afterwards ", the former MEP pointed out.

"No European funds will be reduced, no words will be spoken against the Bulgarian government unless it violates the law and does things that are absolutely inadmissible. /.../ If something depended on outside our borders, we would already have a complete judicial reform. After all these years, after all these critical reports, everything depends on the political will in Bulgaria

It is gone and the European Union is just shrugging about. Some may feel that the European Union is very strong, very centralized, but we all know that this is not the case and the Bulgarian government is of fundamental importance for the quality of our lives, not the European bureaucracy,” Svetoslav Malinov commented.
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