When applying special intelligence means, unnecessary information is collected which ...

When applying special intelligence means, unnecessary information is collected which

The Prosecutor's Office Is a Political Tool in the Battle between the PM and the President, Boyko Rashkov Believes

When applying special intelligence means, unnecessary information is collected which has no probative value and should be destroyed by law. Despite the legal instruction to destroy information, it is stored and used at certain times, including for political purposes, which is a huge problem in our country. This position was expressed in the radio program "Before All " by the former head of the Bureau for Control of the SIM and a specialist in criminal law Boyko Rashkov.

"I am not aware of the chats between the President, Bobokovi, etc., but I am very impressed that data from conversations or the exchange of electronic communication between two people have been preserved. I don’t consider them of any criminal significance but nevertheless they have been preserved. For me, it is on the verge of breaking the law. It aims at using it purely politically by the prosecution itself. It is not entitled to any such conduct under our Constitution. The fact that only part of this communication is published is very impressive. For me, this is outrageous, "Rashkov told Horizont.

For the time being, the prosecution has trampled on the investigative secrecy principle in an unprecedented way. Such a thing has never been done in the new democratic history of Bulgaria, said Boyko Rashkov. "There has been not a single chief prosecutor so far who has allowed himself to freely export information gathered through the SIM. Apart from Geshev. He is the only one. And I don't know what his purpose is - to discredit the whole country in front of the world. That's what this man wants to do. In the name of the benefactor who chose him.

The battle is fought between the prime minister and the president. The prosecutor's office is acting as a political tool, according to Boyko Rashkov. "Isn't our Vanyo the only hero of the world, will we remember his term of office this way? Is that how this man was taught at the Simeonovo School? There were many good teachers there, many famous scientists, "said the lawyer. " I see no grounds for a creeping increase in the number of persons to whom special intelligence tools have been used and applied, respectively a gradual and slow increase in the number of procedures restricting the basic constitutional rights of Bulgarian citizens, " Rashkov added.

Commenting on the conclusions in the 2019 report on the work of the Bureau, he pointed out that it is not correct to calculate the success by comparing the prepared physical evidence with the number of persons for whom the use of special intelligence tools is allowed. For the last year these persons are 3310, and the prepared physical means of evidence are 1124. Boyko Rashkov stressed that they should be compared with the total number of permitted operational methods by the court - surveillance, tracking, eavesdropping.

"Then, if we compare the figures - about 15 thousand operational methods were allowed by the judges with 1124 pieces of evidence which is a negligible number, very low efficiency, I would even say, a sad result. Compared with the results we remember and know from 9 years ago, this is the weakest result, except for 2014, when this result was similar. "

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