What lawyer Greta Ganeva wrote on Facebook:- The amendments to ...

What lawyer Greta Ganeva wrote on Facebook:- The amendments to

Defender of the people sounds the alarm: You will watch from the front-row seat your business takeover!

What lawyer Greta Ganeva wrote on Фейсбук:

- The amendments to the Law on the Ministry of Interior do not only lead to a duplicating structure of the National Security Service. Literally, days after the entry into force of the texts, which will obviously overcome the veto, you may be visited for a tax audit, for example, with the police, on the basis of a prosecutor's act.

Imagine the situation, from your point of view, while the inspection or audit is under way, imagine it now from the point of view of the tax inspector. If he is assigned an inspection and has to carry it out under the eye of the police, based on a prosecutor's act, what will be the result?

Now let me remind you that tax audits are enforceable, even if you appeal, i.e. before they come into force. While you are waiting for the court decision to take effect and if you are not debilitated enough, you will be able to watch the takeover of your business from the front-row seat, being an outsider yourself.

NRA plus Prosecutor's Office plus Police is equal to what?

We are going round in a carousel, the trap will snap very soon and democracy, along with the rule of law, will be a chimera.

Wake up, people!

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