To the HQ members. It's not a damn emergency, but ...

To the HQ members. It's not a damn emergency, but

Hello, HQ? Asking On Behalf Of a Friend

To the HQ members. It's not a damn emergency, but I'm asking for a friend.

At a midnight briefing on the last weekend of Easter, you announced that the Chernobyl fire was not affecting us. Perhaps to please us with something beyond the usual corona therapy. It became clear that firefighter No. 2 in BG, Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov asked firefighter No. 1 (the Prime Minister) for a permission for the briefing. He did so because he had received many personal calls from people asking him whether the Chernobyl fire would cause radiation in Bulgaria.

And I got a message too, transferred by a friend who, in turn, had received it from a friend. First, I decided to have no faith in the news agency AWS (A Woman Said). However, this acquaintance of my friend was not informed at the market but by her friend. And most importantly, this girlfriend was in sexual intercourse with authorities. I quote verbatim:

"Hi! Friends have called to warn me: Tomorrow and for another 2-3 days, avoid standing outdoors, even in the yard. Currently, the air masses from the Chernobyl fires are over Bulgaria for the second time, and this time with much more radioactive dust. There will be no change in gamma background, but it can be detected with alpha / beta radiation devices. If you go out, put a gauze / breathing mask, cover with clothes that are easy to be cleaned / washed, then wash your clothes and shoes extensively. "

Being ballsy for the next batch of corpse-epidemic data and measures, the journalists were so surprised by the briefing that they lost their tongues and did not ask anything. The only question was so ridiculous that something like the notorious Gogol scene came up - why news no one has heard of is denied. They could not at all switch from the corona subject to more uninteresting trifles. And Chief Commissioner Nikolov slipped past instead of being exposed to more than justifiable media aggression.

"The notorious fire, which broke out on the 4th of this month, has covered several hundred acres of forest. At least 70 hours later, we were informed that it has been extinguished. The values ​​of the radiation gamma background, measured by the National Automated Monitoring System and the radiation monitoring and notification posts are within the normal limits for the country, namely between 0.008 and 0.040 microsievert per hour, "Nikolov reported. He specified that there were 29 measurement stations in the country.

Two days later, various sources indicate that the fire is not extinguished and continues to rage. The fire was relatively subdued and localized in its three strongest outbreaks and the scale of operations resembles the battle for Kiev. The outbreaks in question are in the restricted area around the nuclear power plant, which has been sealed for three decades, as the economic zone is heavily contaminated and every fire releases a large amount of radioactive particles into the air. Meanwhile, world agencies unanimously state that pollution in the area exceeds the norms dozens of times. And the French Institute for Nuclear and Radiation Safety showed a cloud movement model according to which the meteorological conditions were favorable for air masses transfer to the southern part of Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and Bulgaria.

Bypassing all this, let the HQ staff at the very least say whether radiation is related to the corona virus. I mean, how the radiation affects the virus – does it kill it, does it fatten it up so as to become gross and shaggy. It is also a good idea to include the Economic Council in order to be aware of the measures in the second hypothesis. Because the measure 60/40 in favor of small and medium business was worthless, as we saw it. The main percentages remain for the big business - the state is in support of substitutes, offshore companies, hotels, houses and apartments. The rest of the people have to content themselves with the popular lullaby:

Lullaby,and good night,
With pink roses bedight,
With lilies o'erspread,

Socks with holes for thee, yet.