The entire route of the IGB gas pipeline and all ...

The entire route of the IGB gas pipeline and all

The hydro tests on the entire route of the interconnector with Greece have been completed

The entire route of the IGB gas pipeline and all eight crane units have already been successfully hydro-tested, the project company announced. The hydrotest, also known as the hydrostatic test, is a method of checking the integrity of the pipeline after its construction. The test is applied in stages along the entire length of the facility and involves filling the segments of the pipeline with pressurized water - higher than natural gas would ever reach. This method allows the design company to confirm the safe working pressure of the pipeline and to ensure that the constructed facility is structurally sound, verifying its quality. " The finalization of this process is a major step towards the completion of the interconnector and its commissioning. The IGB project is strategic and increasingly important not only for the two countries implementing it, but also for the whole region, so we rely on the builder to fulfill its commitments as soon as possible so that the relevant institutions can trigger all necessary administrative procedures for commissioning ", said the executive directors of the ICGB project company Teodora Georgieva and Konstantinos Karayanakos. The two inspected on the ground the implementation of ongoing construction activities in both Bulgaria and Greece to assess the progress of the construction company in completing the project. By mid-April, 91% of all construction work had been completed. The main elements to be completed by the construction company are the two gas metering stations near Stara Zagora and Komotini, where work is progressing actively. Reclamation has already started on the completed linear part - according to the project, the entire 182-kilometer route of the gas pipeline should be restored in accordance with all environmental standards. 31 km have already been fully restored. In line with the environmental commitments of the ICGB and the requirements imposed by the European Investment Bank, which is the financing institution for the project, the fifth environmental audit of the interconnector was recently completed. The audit was performed by an independent external auditor - RSK Ltd. No significant discrepancies were found during the audit. The ICGB recognizes the serious economic and social importance of the communities in the areas along the pipeline route and continues to fulfill its commitments to transparency, accountability and dialogue, ensuring open engagement in a proactive way with all stakeholders. As part of the IGB and the implementation of the set Plan for the restoration of livelihoods of the affected population, ICGB is preparing a number of activities in support of communities in the regions along the pipeline route in both Bulgaria and Greece. One of the key commitments of the ICGB for the last remaining social and environmental audit during the construction phase is to report on the completion of the pipeline construction in accordance with all international standards, minimizing all environmental and social impacts.