The end of June, the Greece-Bulgaria gas connection will be

The end of June, the Greece-Bulgaria gas connection will be
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Prime Minister Kiril Petkov: As of September, Azeri gas will be able to reach Bulgaria through the interconnector with Greece

The end of June, the Greece-Bulgaria gas connection will be a fact. Azeri gas has been flowing through it since September. The forecast is by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and was made after his visit to the area of ​​the Greek town of Komotini, the government`s information service said. For our country, this will mean lower prices and greater energy independence. " This winter, the price of gas was so high because this project was not completed and someone had voluntarily given up cheaper quantities, " Petkov said. During the visit, the Prime Minister commented on other topics. Among them is the case of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. " If a person wants not to do something, he will get water out of 100 wells, " the Bulgarian prime minister was adamant. According to him, in this case it is a matter of damaging the budget by BGN 550 million. " This means that the Bulgarian taxpayer has paid over half a billion to the prosecutor`s office for this silence. And if we are talking about an occupied institution that is not doing its job, this case made it obvious, " said Kiril Petkov. The Prime Minister also announced
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that there is a new report from the Ministry of Finance, which analyzes how EU funds have been audited. It is clear from him that there were abuses. They took place at a time when Vladislav Goranov was the principal of the Ministry of Finance. Then, in several regions, in over 90% of the cases in the competitions for EU funding, only one participant was admitted.

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