Normalization of electricity prices for households will be the first

Normalization of electricity prices for households will be the first
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Kiril Petkov in the Council of Ministers: First priorities will be normalization of electricity prices and growth of vaccination

Normalization of electricity prices for households will be the first task of the new cabinet, commented the new Prime Minister Kiril Petkov after the ceremony of succession in the executive branch. Of course, we will consult the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) as an independent regulator, but this will be one of our first tasks. Earlier today, it was also reported several times that the priority of the new government will be not to increase the price of electricity for the household after the New Year. The next priority will be to increase the vaccination of Bulgarians and provide sufficient information for all people at risk who are worried about the consequences it would have for their health. We will present information from various specialists so that risk groups can be calmer. Obviously, there should be more information, said Kiril Petkov. Earlier today in parliament, he announced that a green certificate would be mandatory for members of the Council of Ministers and all those working in the Council of Ministers. The government should give an example, a green certificate cannot be required in the establishments, but not in the Council of Ministers. Kiril Petkov presented the draft cabinet and
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outlined the main priorities of the future government. He said he would be first among equals and would be prime minister of all Bulgarians, with no pensioners living below the poverty line. We will work for clean food and clean nature. We have to work together. Watch for our every mistake, be constructive, let us give true and fair justice by changing the constitution. I believe that in four years Bulgaria will be a completely different place, Petkov commented. Zero tolerance for corruption at all levels from the lowest to the highest level, said Kiril Petkov. Bulgaria already has a regular government. The cabinet with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was supported by the 47th National Assembly. 134 deputies voted in favor and 104 against. The cabinet includes 21 ministers, five of whom are deputy prime ministers.

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