Judging by the information on the Interpol website, as of ...

Judging by the information on the Interpol website, as of

Bozhkov Looks Like the Communism: A Spectre Is Haunting…

Judging by the information on the Interpol website, as of February 19, our gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov got into the role of a character from an epochal joke of the mid-70s:

Radio Yerevan was asked: Did Comrade Todor Zhivkov, the General Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party, lead an illegal fight against the monarcho-fascist dictatorship?

Radio Yerevan answered swiftly : No, he was fighting a semi-legal battle-he was hiding, but no one was looking for him!

Exactly three and a half weeks passed, since, on January 29, it became clear that the “vanished into thin air” Vasil Bozhkov was declared wanted in a nationwide and international search.

Judging by the official content of the relevant sites, in this case-the Ministry of internal Affairs and Interpol, there is no such thing!

Zero information. Neither as a photo, nor as a text. If you don't believe it, look at the " picture " that we copied from the Interpol website: our most important acquaintances - the so called Galev brothers and Tsvetan Vasilev are "hanging " there creepily. So far, there has been no hint for Vasil Bozhkov. For example, a box with a silhouette instead of a passport photo or a face but without any data-due to the lack of it.

In other words - several questions remain open.

First : Has Bozhkov been issued BOLO – when and by whom?

Secondly – who has found out and by what logic that on January 31, the gambling boss was arrested?

Thirdly - why, in two weeks’ time, after the Prosecutor General officially announced on February 2 that Bozhkov's arrest was confirmed, the former, in person, was genuinely surprised that the gambling boss had been released from somewhere?

And finally.... the question of all questions: "Why Bulgarian prosecution turned the matrix to 180 degrees in Bozhkov’s case since it is known that it firsts arrests, then blames and investigates and finally (possibly ) proves? Maybe because of its new chief?

Symptoms of a scheme against the gambling boss

appeared in the summer and the alert signal of his former partners Naydenov (father and son), sent to the Prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Finance in early December, marked... the end of the quarantine period.

On July 8, 2019, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov summoned the owners of the three biggest football clubs for a little get-together- Vasil Bozhkov (Levski), Grisha Ganchev (CSKA) and Georgi Domuschiev (Ludogorets).

To make it clear to the public and fans that the Prime Minister's tranquility in his stadiums is a bigger concern than the construction of the Hemus and Struma highways, the president of the football union, Borislav Mikhailov was also invited.

The “scanning” was attended by Interior Minister Mladen Marinov, Chief (still) Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov and his only possible successor - Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, so that there is no doubt who and how would run the show.

According to the official statements of the participants the meeting was extremely fruitful. No fights, no buy-and-sell of referees, no black totes with settled matches....

Three days later - on July 11, 2019 , it got clear that

general sponsor of the First Professional League

became the gambling company "Efbet ", which at that time was co-owned by the Naydenovs and Vasil Bozhkov.

Although the undertaking was more than profane - in terms of the Law on Protection of Competition and the Anti-Corruption Law and the Seizure of Illegally Acquired Property (which also covers conflicts of interest), it passed... with applause, shouts of "Hurray! ", spilling expensive drinks and cutting appetizers.

To put it another way, the jointly working owners of Efbet at that time became both sponsors of seven to eight clubs and sponsors of the Premier League...

Four months later -

on October 15, the game suddenly got rough:

The Directorate-General for Combating Organized Crime and the Special Prosecutor's Office entered the headquarters of the Bulgarian Football Union and left carrying two or three minibuses filled with documents.

The explanation of the raid sounded convincing-to stop the unregulated activity of the Referee Commission to BFU.

The eye of the storm caught "various referees' appointments and questionable results from matches in our football championship. " And five people were taken for interrogation at the DGCOC.

What was their evidence, what happened to the seized documents and why the President of BFU Borislav Mikhailov hastened to resign, is still unknown.

The way it's been going - it probably won't get clear at all.

The fact is, however, that only

a month and a half after the BFU manhunt,

the public space was really blown up: Stefan Naydenov and his sons Tsvetomir and Boyan (known as Tseki) formally declared war on their then-partner Vasil Bozhkov. And in such a brutal way that even Biser Lazov must have flushed out of embarrassment because of a poorly executed "wet work " against his patron Tsvetan Vasilev.

The supreme date is December 18th: The elder brother Tsvetomir Naydenov demonstrated the courage of the so-called Tseki, overdue by about 20-25 years, publishing in social networks something like... a "Bloody Letter "! We’ll cite some of it:

"Goodbye, Skull!

We are splitting up from Eurofootball and the 12 gambling halls where you participate... 26 years are enough for you to gulp down for free.

We – Eurofootball had casinos before you had, we have and we will long after you. Don't waste your time trying to date us, we don't want to see you or hear from you because we know your dirty intriguing tricks.

Keep pouring us with slop, you're very entertaining, tell Slavcho Markov to write a little more versatile, coppish articles and to put in some true facts, otherwise his lies get somewhat boring.

Skull, you have an interesting approach in this shitty media attack: you try to attribute your life and existence to us - whores, murders, rackets, influence trading, corrupting police officers, prosecutors and NRA officers.

Just waiting for you to write that we buy antiques and things will be in full swing…

True, Bozhkov and Tseki really split up. But not in the way described in the "bloody letter ": Bozhkov - out, they - gambling bosses. A month and a half after the Фейсбук sensation (on February 11 this year), Tsvetomir Naydenov announced that he was selling his 16 percent in Eurofootball for 1 euro. He even organized something like an auction on the social network, to which the interest was huge.

Congratulations to the “winners”. Just like privately buying a factory before nationalization. Because a day earlier, 7777, Eurofootball and Eurobet had been punished by the NRA with penalties for BGN 700 million. And that only means one thing: in the near future, all four companies will be cut out of gambling licenses. Forever!

To put it mildly, the result is shocking!

Vasil Bozhkov is hiding in the United Arab Emirates, and it seems that no one is officially looking for him through Interpol.

He has been issued 11 indictments that "cover " nearly a third of the Penal Code. And none of the crimes is the reason for making the prosecutor's office recover consciousness and understand what villain Vasil Bozhkov is. Otherwise, he would have been arrested by Christmas.

The request for his extradition is a 200-page file, which guarantees almost 100% that Vasil Bozhkov will not be returned. In these cases, quantity never turns to quality. Because extradition is possible if two conditions are met only: evidence (not well-founded assumptions) to have been sent and the offences for which the fugitive will be tried to constitute a crime in both states - the requesting and the transferring!

In fact, after Interpol does not search for Vassil Bozhkov with a red bulletin, and our ambassador to Dubai is still checking who exactly was released, does anyone know the identity of the detainee in Abu Dhabi? And is there anyone detained there at all?

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