Here is what the writer Zahari Karabashliev wrote on Facebook:- ...

Here is what the writer Zahari Karabashliev wrote on Facebook:-

The writer Zahari Karabashliev: We live in one of BG most disgraceful times

Here is what the writer Zahari Karabashliev wrote on Фейсбук:

- I know I am the least expected to write pessimistic messages but this is such a message. It takes a lot of self-discipline to suppress everything I think about the moral landslide on which most normal people in BG are forced to hold on to in a last-ditch this value mess. The majority here are not flawless, God forbid! But after recent weeks’ pigsty, which I do not even think to mention here, I will say this: we live in one of the shameful times of Bulgaria.

Shameful not because of "this raging gathering of wolves and goats… " (Yavorov, "Motherland ") but of those of us, people of the word, intellectuals, public figures, who seem to have something to say and may stand on the podium to say it without being sent to Belene, but we keep silent and grumble about the most important topics because they do not affect us directly. Well, keep quiet long enough and they will affect Us. One by one. In case you did not understand it - evil is moving in. It doesn't even fight us because we don't fight it. And because it has multiplied at every level, it has eroded the most fundamental human foundations and it grows in metastases where good fails to act. Vazov foresaw its power long ago: "there is something worse than a weapon in our power - Apathy! " Familiar, isn't it? Apathy.

And if I have to end my message with a possible solution, it might be:everyone is able to make their choice so as not to let evil reign through them. That's it.

Have a nice week!

A reference for the ignorant rulers:

ZAHARI KARABASHLIEV writes prose and drama, he is the author of the novel "18% gray " - a bestseller with 25 reprints in Bulgaria and translations in the United States, France, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and others –his works are ranked among the hundred favorite books of Bulgarian readers in the BBC campaign "The Great Reading ".

Karabashliev is the winner of the "Novel of the Year " (VIK Foundation), "Helikon ", "Askeer " and others. His stories and plays have been published in the books ”A Brief History of the Plane”, “Symmetry”, “The Rollback” and other collections and magazines, translated into many languages.

His name is included in the prestigious American anthology "The Best European Prose 2018 ".