Even today, the great confusion continues. I am not at

Even today, the great confusion continues. I am not at
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Daniel Valchev: I am not sure that the National Assembly could introduce a moratorium

Even today, the great confusion continues. I am not at all sure that the National Assembly with a decision could introduce such a moratorium, for the simple reason that the powers of the EWRC come from the law. So, if they wanted to do such a thing, they had to limit their powers by law, not by decision. Not to mention that they changed a decision today that did not come into force at all because it was not made public. So, from a formal point of view, the problem continues. " Thus, the dean of the Faculty of Law at Sofia University " St. St. Kliment Ohridski " commented to BNR on today`s decision of the National Assembly. According to him, not imposing a moratorium on electricity, heating and water prices is the way to support Bulgarian citizens. " Rather, the opposite should have happened. Prices should remain free and people should be supported by budget funds. At the moment, a system that was supposed to be on a market basis, we put it back on track. The consequences of this I I can`t even imagine them. " In the program " Something More " Prof. Valchev commented that
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the dismantling of the " Borisov " model will be difficult, but more important is the idea of ​​what to replace it with. Earlier, again before the Bulgarian National Radio, the chairman of ASEP Sonya Kadieva said that the moratorium voted by the parliament was a surprise for everyone. " The decision affects only household subscribers and network operators. All business and business subscribers continue to buy electricity from the free market. There are market prices, there is no moratorium i.e. the decision of the National Assembly would in no way lower commodity prices and inflation. " According to her, the moratorium will affect only the bills of household subscribers, but the problem remains with the network operators, their services cannot be compensated by the increase provided by the EWRC: This means that the technological losses of network operators will not be compensated and the difference they have in purchasing these technological losses from the free electricity market will be a loss in the network of network operators. The only thing that can be done is compensation for them, as was done for all non - household electricity consumers in just two months ". Kadieva also agreed that the moratorium
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took away the powers of the EWRC.
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