Current issues related to the work of the Regional Coordinator

Current issues related to the work of the Regional Coordinator
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ESO hosts a working meeting with the Greek electricity transmission operator IPTO and the Greek energy regulator

Current issues related to the work of the Regional Coordinator for the Security of Electricity Transmission Operators in the EU Member States from Southeast Europe - Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center, which has been transformed into a Regional Coordination Center (RCC) since July 1, were discussed at a working meeting in Sofia under the management of the Bulgarian electricity transmission operator. The meeting discussed the future challenges in the work of the Regional Coordination Center for the Security of Electricity Networks in Southeast Europe and the need to expand its services to the countries of the region that are not members of the EU. The focus of the talks also discussed the implementation of the European regulations for planning the mode of operation of the electricity systems, regional coordination, procurement of operational reserves and emergency management. The progress on the forthcoming accession of the Bulgarian-Greek market area to the pan-European electricity market " within the day " at the end of 2022 also became part of the topics discussed during the meeting. With the accession of the Bulgarian-Greek border to the single market " within the day " the integration of the Bulgarian market area with the neighboring member states will be completely completed and the electricity markets of Italy and Greece will be joined to the pan-European market in the segment " within the day ". At the meeting with the representatives of the Greek energy regulator and the Greek transmission operator, the progress on the construction of the intersystem power line 400 kV " Maritsa East ", Bulgaria - " Nea Santa ", Greece, the construction of which on Bulgarian territory has been finalized, was also discussed. The regional coordinator for the security of the electricity networks of the countries of South-Eastern Europe, with headquarters in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, was established on May 22, 2020 by the electricity transmission operators of Bulgaria (ESO EAD), Greece (IPTO), Italy (Terna) and Romania (Transelectrica ). On July 1, 2021, the company, covering two transmission capacity calculation regions - Greece-Italy and Southeast Europe, started providing services to its members. A year later, on July 1, 2022, in response to the requirements of the European regulation, the coordinator was transformed into a Regional Coordination Center (RCC). The services provided by the regional center are aimed at improving the exchange of information between electricity transmission operators and guaranteeing the supply of electricity.