Bulgaria has already received permission to start minting coins in

Bulgaria has already received permission to start minting coins in
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Minister Stoyanov: If Bulgaria enters the Eurozone next year, then already in the summer there will be prices in the shops in both BGN and Euro

" Bulgaria has already received permission to start minting coins in December. The final decision on whether we will enter the Eurozone will be made in April-May. Then there is the final report. In the month of May, it will be known for sure that it will be possible to enter from January 1. This means that from the first of June you will start having prices everywhere in both euros and leva ". This was explained to Nova TV by the Minister of Economy and Industry, Nikola Stoyanov. He made a prediction that fuel prices in our country will remain at their current values, a decrease was expected, but not drastically. " August month, when we intervened, the truth is that then with unions and employers we made lists of which industry would close first, which second, which third and which would remain finally. We started from that. You know what inflation was at that time. Thanks to the work of colleagues, especially in the energy sector, prices have been tamed, inflation has been tamed " - this is how Nikola Stoyanov commented on whether the reduced prices of fuel and gas in our country will have a
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favorable effect on inflation in the country. According to him, the line ministry expects inflation to be a single-digit percentage by May. The decision of the deputies to provide vouchers for fuel and transport to every Bulgarian citizen with a monthly income of less than BGN 3,400 has left many questions behind, the minister claims. However, he stressed that the ministry he leads is working on the details of the regulation. Stoyanov explained that the Ministry of Finance has yet to make calculations as to whether there are available resources for such a measure. According to him, if it turns out that there is no money in the treasury, the value of the vouchers should be reduced or the income threshold should be lowered. The Minister assured that the expenditure on vouchers would be drastically higher than that which was incurred on the discount of 25 cents per liter of fuel.
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