Bulgaria and about 14 other countries are united around the

Bulgaria and about 14 other countries are united around the
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Minister Hristov: We continue to fight for the stabilization of the natural gas market in Europe

Bulgaria and about 14 other countries are united around the position that there should be a dynamic ceiling on the price of gas and that a price level in the order of 150-160 euros/mwh should be achieved, but we do not have a consensus with the other countries. This was said by the Minister of Energy after an extraordinary meeting of the Energy Ministers in Brussels, the Ministry of Energy announced. According to him, at the head of the other group are the Netherlands and Germany, which believe that there should be no restrictions or, if there are, that they should be high so that they are not activated in practice. " These are countries that either benefit from gas trade and the correspondingly high prices, or they are in dire need of gas, " he added. According to him, with Bulgaria`s position, we are fighting for the stabilization of the natural gas market, and he was adamant that Europe should not pay more than all other consumers in the world. Within today`s extraordinary meeting of the EU Council " Transport, Telecommunications and Energy ", part " Energy ", again no agreement was reached regarding the change in the gas
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market correction mechanism. " The European Commission and the Presidency are working hard to find a compromise, " the energy minister added. The government strives to diversify natural gas supplies for the country. According to him, steps have already been taken in this direction with the visit of President Rumen Radev to Turkey. " We managed to achieve a significant change in our international relations. Instead of one-time aid in crisis situations, the Turkish side is ready to discuss long-term cooperation for natural gas supplies, including preserving the capacity of their terminal, " the energy minister added. Rosen Hristov announced his upcoming visit to Turkey at the end of the week, during which he will hold meetings with representatives of the Turkish state energy company Botash. " In this way, our country will have the opportunity to buy natural gas at the local level at lower and competitive prices from a stable source, such as Turkey, " added Minister Hristov.
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