We are shocked by the statement of the resigned minister ...

We are shocked by the statement of the resigned minister

Brickel TPP does not have a single document from the control authorities mentioned by Minister Sandov

We are shocked by the statement of the resigned minister Borislav Sandov after the meeting of the Council of Ministers yesterday and the published outright lies regarding established " mind-boggling " violations by state agencies regarding the work of the ”Brickel” TPP! There have been no findings of such violations so far! Due to this fact, we are announcing the truth, because we do not consider it normal in a country governed by the rule of law to do pre-election PR on the backs of private companies, which are not only the guarantor of Bulgarian energy security, but also on which 1,300 jobs directly depend! This is stated in their position today by TPP " Brickel ", after the resignation of the eco-minister. Until now, Brickel has not received an official protocol from the Stara Zagora and Haskovo RIOSV for the inspection carried out a week ago. So far, Brickel has no official report from the Environmental Executive Agency about the inspection carried out a week ago. So far, Brickel does not have an official protocol from the National Center for Public Health Protection and the Fire Safety and Civil Protection Service for the inspection carried out a week ago. From the words of the resigned Minister Sandov, it became clear that the biggest crime committed by Brickel was a gas station built with errors in distances. Well, we will eliminate this problem, but it is hardly serious enough to lead to the closure of the company! So far, we have only received an official protocol for the inspection carried out a week ago by the Labor Inspectorate, in which no deficiencies were found that could lead to the closure of the company! It is illogical and questionable for Brickel Management that more than a week after inspections have been carried out, official reports of findings have not been made available to us, even though we have requested them! What are you hiding, Mr. Resigned Minister? Have you found that we haven`t committed enough violations to shut us down? We are disturbed by the fact that for a whole week in the media, the resigned Minister Sandov circulated information that the standards for harmful emissions were increased! But the resigned Minister Sandov never once explained that the " shocking " increases he spoke of reflect momentary values ​​that the law does not accept as valid! When measurements are made, averaged data reported for a certain period are considered final. We doubt that the average values ​​obtained during the measurements do not prove " shocking " increases, but show that we comply with the norms. This is probably the reason why the official protocols are not provided to us, because it will reveal the truth that the resigned Minister Sandov is lying publicly! Today we want to find out why the retired Minister Borislav Sandov fails to say that: Until now, Brickel provides enriched energy fuel, guaranteeing the heating of several large Bulgarian cities. These cities provide heat supply for hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian households who have chosen the cheapest heating method available in Bulgaria. Until now, Brickel provides more than 6,000 jobs in 5 Bulgarian regions. So far, Brickel has successfully implemented a project to use biomass as fuel, which is a proven 100% ecological source of energy. We are currently developing plans for new investments worth millions of BGN to be invested in decarbonization projects. We categorically state the following: Brickel`s compulsory administrative measure thus imposed is another act that only shows the desire of the now former government to leave behind the country in complete chaos and bring the energy industry to collapse. The actions taken by the resigned Minister Sandov on the last day of his stay as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, is an act of insane irresponsibility. The government, of which the retired Minister Sandov is a part, leaves a heavy legacy to the official cabinet. And to be completely honest with citizens, they should also receive answers to the following questions: - Will the resigned Minister Sandov take responsibility for the fact that, by closing Brickel for no reason and without reason, he puts at risk the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians, who will remain in the cold, and probably in the dark, this winter? - Will the resigned Minister Sandov take responsibility for the fact that, given the crisis with natural gas supplies, when all of Europe is returning to coal, he single-handedly shuts down a company that works with local raw materials and, even worse, produces enriched energy from it fuel that is used by half of the heating systems in the country? - Will the government with the resigned Vice Prime Minister Sandov take the political responsibility for the energy crisis they created, in which they are leaving the country? And finally, the citizens of Bulgaria must clearly understand that: With his deliberate decision to close Brickel, the resigned Minister Sandov threatens the country`s energy security. Instead of the state helping to realize the smooth and fair energy transition, working enterprises are being closed down with a light hand. The desperate desire of the retired Minister Sandov to demolish, not to build, will cost the citizens not only additional costs, but will also endanger their quality of life. We believe in the rule of law and in the foundations of the Bulgarian statehood and we hope that the Bulgarian justice system will punish the dangerous for society ambitions of the resigned Minister Sandov to destroy the Bulgarian energy industry. We hope that the future executive will make decisions precisely and after expert analysis when they are related to the fate of thousands of citizens in the looming harsh winter.

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