Toplofikatsiya Pernik has submitted another investment intention to the Director

Toplofikatsiya Pernik has submitted another investment intention to the Director
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Heating Pernik invests in increasing the share of natural gas in the fuel mix. The company will use less and less coal

Toplofikatsiya Pernik has submitted another investment intention to the Director of RISV Sofia, aimed at improving the environmental indicators of the company. The plant plans to invest further in natural gas power generation facilities. We remind you that about 2 years ago Pernik District Heating invested several million euros in 3 gas cogenerators, the installation of which is almost finished. According to information from the director of the company, Eng. Chavdar Stoynev, the new facilities are expected to be put into operation in the fall. The investment in gas co-generators is part of the company`s strategy for greener energy production by phasing out coal as a fuel, which will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions. According to the new investment intention, Pernik District Heating will invest in 2 more gas cogenerators, with the commissioning of which will significantly reduce the amount of coal used. " The reason for the introduction of new greener fuels is not only in Europe`s efforts to reduce carbon emissions, but also in the observed permanent tendency to deteriorate the qualities of the domestic brown coal used. Expert geologists, chemists, surveyors, and surveyors found that over the years the ash content has increased, and the
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calorific value has decreased at the expense of the cost of coal, " explained Eng. Chavdar Stoynev, director of Pernik District Heating. In the words of Engineer Stoynev, the modernization of the enterprise by introducing new capacities for the combined production of hot water, steam and electricity is extremely important for the development, as well as for the preservation of employment in the area. " The realization of the investment intention will lead to a significant improvement of the air quality in Pernik. Increasing the share of natural gas at the expense of used coal will ensure clean thermal energy for subscribers and prevent the use of household heating fuels of unknown origin and quality. By reducing the amount of coal, the pollutants in the combustion product will be completely removed, the generated amounts of waste ash, slag and gypsum, the emissions of dust, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide will be reduced, " said Engineer Chavdar Stoynev.

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