President Rumen Radev held a meeting with the management of ...

President Rumen Radev held a meeting with the management of

President Radev tried to convince Lukoil that high prices are a loss for the consumer and the producer

President Rumen Radev held a meeting with the management of the Russian oil conglomerate " Lukoil ", and the main topic was fuel prices and the possibilities for their reduction, respectively limiting inflation and the development of a predictable economic environment in our country. High fuel prices are among the leading reasons for the increase in the price of all goods and services and lead to a reduction in consumption, which is a loss not only for consumers, but also for the producer, said President Rumen Radev to representatives of " Lukoil Neftohim Burgas " and " Lukoil Bulgaria ". This was announced by the presidency. That`s why I think that your upcoming meeting with the government is a good opportunity to take measures to fight inflation for the benefit of the Bulgarian consumer, according to, of course, strictly market mechanisms, " the head of state also commented. The head of state emphasized the important role of the company as a major producer of fuels, owning a predominant share of the market in our country, and according to the president, the upcoming meeting of the management of " Lukoil " with the Bulgarian government is a good opportunity to identify effective solutions to combat inflation in the country. " I believe that in this fast-changing world, even closer and stronger contacts are needed than those that existed in the stable world. Lukoil has been working on the Bulgarian market for over 20 years, I hope we have proven ourselves as a serious employer. With the current conditions we understand our responsibility to preserve jobs, to develop our assets in Bulgaria, so it is important to discuss these issues in the future. In the last few days, members of the Bulgarian government and the company`s management held a whole series of meetings to determine a number of measures, primarily related to the domestic market, " announced Vladimir Vorobev, president of Lukoil. Vorobyov presented several important stages for the company going forward, the first stage is the entry into force of the European embargo on Russian oil, which will come into force at the end of the year, the second - the period until the end of 2024, in which Bulgaria will be an exception to this embargo, the third - the period after that. " We are negotiating with the Bulgarian government on the preparation of medium-term measures, considering that a working group should be created to deal with the problems that will arise after the embargo comes into force, " said the representative of the Russian company.