Overgas Networks AD took another step towards financial relief for

Overgas Networks AD took another step towards financial relief for
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Overgas with an unexpected gesture to its business customers

" Overgas Networks " AD took another step towards financial relief for its corporate clients by offering them an additional mechanism for reducing the amounts accumulated as annual penalties for 2022. The requested, but not delivered quantities of natural gas will be paid at the price from 2021. According to the current contracts with business customers, the annual penalties due for 2022 are calculated on the basis of the annual arithmetic average price for delivery. " Overgas Networks " considers it fair to apply a lower arithmetic average price, as it was before the significant deterioration of the situation on the natural gas market from the beginning of 2022. According to the general terms and conditions of the contracts for the distribution and supply of natural gas, the company proposed to use the price of 2021, which is three times lower, for the calculation of the annual penalties for 2022. This will result in a reduction of penalties accrued by corporate clients by nearly 70%. " Overgas Networks " emphasizes that it has always been and will continue to strive to be more than a supplier of energy to its customers. For this reason and in this difficult economic
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situation for all participants in the energy markets, " Overgas Networks " once again acts as a reliable partner for its customers and declares its readiness to present measures developed by the company to minimize the damage to the economic sector, which brought the accumulated crises and the indifference of the competent public authorities to the existing problems. " Our aim is to preserve our long-standing partnerships and provide the prospect of establishing new ones as well, and we believe that the proposed measures will allow sufficient flexibility for our corporate customers to enable us all to move forward to a more good times with the necessary resource in the next year 2023 " - says the letter sent to corporate clients. The gas distribution company recalled that they demanded that similar actions be taken by the competent institutions, which are the main bearers of the obligation to provide compensation to natural gas users, so that they are on an equal footing with electricity users. The letter states that unfortunately, once again, similar, even timid, attempts at action are lacking. " Overgas Networks " is the largest gas distribution company in Bulgaria, which supplies natural gas to more than 3,500
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corporate and over 85,000 household customers.
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