GERB-SDS prime minister candidate Maria Gabriel returned the unfulfilled first

GERB-SDS prime minister candidate Maria Gabriel returned the unfulfilled first
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GERB-SDS and PP-DB agreed on a government with the second mandate and governance on a rotational basis

GERB-SDS prime minister candidate Maria Gabriel returned the unfulfilled first exploratory mandate to President Rumen Radev. Together with her on " Dondukov 2 " were the deputies Desislava Atanasova and Tomislav Donchev. Gabriel received the folder from the head of state on May 15 as a representative of the first political force in the National Assembly, recalls. A little earlier, at a joint briefing with Academician Nikolay Denkov from PP-DB, it became clear that GERB-SDS and PP-DB have prepared a joint document for governance on a rotational basis, according to which a regular government must be guaranteed for at least 18 months. The rotation of the prime minister`s post will take place every 9 months, and in the first 9 months the deputy prime minister will be himself, and the deputy prime minister and foreign minister - Maria Gabriel, for the next nine months the prime minister will be Maria Gabriel, and Denkov - the deputy prime minister. " After 5 consecutive elections, there is a real danger of a sixth election without a clear result. With the delay of important decisions - the adoption of the budget and everything that worries people, it is clear that other solutions must be sought. Learned from the experience of the 48 National Assembly, what we have done in the early days of this 49th National Assembly is to initiate a legislative program that is acceptable to more groups. it is clear that we have the opportunity to manage the country, if necessary, " Academician Denkov emphasized during the briefing. " Maria Gabriel`s place in such a cabinet is completely clear, she is the person who can help to realize the priorities in our management program. I do not know of a better representative of us in the European institutions. Yesterday we discussed this idea at the National Council of the PP, as a guarantee that the government will work for at least 18 months, " Denkov also shared. At the end of each of these rotations, the prime minister will resign, which GERB-SDS and PP-DB will have to vote on in the National Assembly and then support the other group`s nomination. We did this in the name of Bulgaria having a government, said Maria Gabriel for her part. According to her, according to the joint document of GERB-SDS and PP-DB on the change of prime minister on a rotating basis, the second mandate should be " national ". Thanks to everyone - PP-DB, DPS, BSP and ITN. We held talks and showed that through dialogue, responsibility and principles there is a possibility for Bulgaria to have a regular government. It didn`t work out with the BSP - obviously we have more differences than convergences. I am glad that these differences became clear during the talks and not afterwards. During the negotiations, it was seen that a stable government between the first two political forces has the opportunity to stand on a solid and principled basis, " Gabriel further commented and added: " Here I want to thank the leaders of GERB-SDS and PP-DB, who in the last 48 hours with reason, not emotion - together with me and Acad. Denkov participated to get support for today`s document. It shows how many concessions we did everything in order for the country to have a regular government. I want to especially thank Acad. Denkov for his patience and professionalism, because the two of us managed to prepare the first joint document we are stepping on. " Here is the full text of the declaration on which the representatives of GERB-SDS and PP-DB worked: DECLARATION OF NATIONAL RESPONSIBLE GOVERNANCE Considering that Bulgaria needs a stable government, to get out of the current political crisis; to unlock its potential for accelerated economic and social development; to implement constitutional reform with broad parliamentary and public support; to fulfill all the requirements related to the country`s full and active membership in the European Union, including Schengen and the Eurozone, The GERB-SDS parliamentary group in the 49th National Assembly will support a government formed in compliance with the following principles: 1. The second term will be national and will be used to broadcast a stable government around which to form a constitutional majority. 2. Prime Minister for the first period of 9 months will be Academician Nikolay Denkov, and Maria Gabriel - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and for the second period of 9 months, Prime Minister will be Maria Gabriel, and Academician Nikolay Denkov - Deputy Prime Minister. 3. The positions of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister will be held on a rotating basis for consecutive periods of 9 months each. At the end of each of these periods, the Prime Minister will resign, the two parliamentary groups will vote for her and support the nomination of the other parliamentary group for the next prime minister, and the current prime minister will become the deputy prime minister. 4. The government will implement the agreed legislative and management programs. 5. Changes to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria will be prepared and adopted in dialogue with all parliamentary groups, including changes in the structure of the prosecution and SJC. 6. A mechanism will be established for prior agreement between the parliamentary groups on the nominations for the regulatory bodies elected by the parliament, with a view to guaranteeing the best selection of individuals with high professional and moral qualities. 7. The legislative and management program are implemented.

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