I'm ashamed of you!I ask you, till when are you ...

I'm ashamed of you!I ask you, till when are you

Brig-Gen Dimitar Shivikov on Facebook: I'm Ashamed of You!

I'm ashamed of you!

I ask you, till when are you going to mock at the long-suffering Bulgarian people?

Do you sense the patience of the people is running out? Their anger is rising like a tsunami and you will soon be swept away. Demagogy, hypocrisy, hatred, grovelling, arrogance, cowardice, incompetence and psychological harassment are the techniques that you apply to your own people every day. Colonel Drangov says: "Disrespected politicians! The horses don’t understand patriotism but a bag full of oats. " Will you get this quote or continue playing nuts? You call upon joint efforts, morale and discipline, but in reality you divide society and pursue narrow party interests.

Leadership is not everybody’s cup of tea. You cannot discourage people, speaking of death, of corpses, of mortuaries, in days of emergency, when they face the dilemma of defeating and overcoming a pandemic. Is this the choice you offer them to make? I recommend that you become aware, humble, ask forgiveness of ordinary people, because soon you will try with your inherent arrogance and hypocrisy to seek their love and trust. One thing is clear - part of you that were sent to this Parliament will not cross its threshold any more. An army of all kinds of experts are flocking around you, make them read and follow what the people's opinion is about you, and hope it settles you down.

You're angry that we don't believe you. How to do so since you say one thing in the morning, another thing at lunch and something completely different in the evening. You have bought media that have been harnessed to glamorize your images and at the same time defame and slander your opponents. You do not obey the laws and measures t you have adopted, but persecute and punish people. You behave in a vulgar way and think you are exceptional and thus bathe in people's love. Remember it once and for all - the Bulgarian people are patient, thirsty for knowledge and striving for self-improvement, industrious, constructive, tolerant, firm to the challenges of life and have always found the strength to overcome them. When there was coincidence and unanimity with their leaders, our people have always won, but when there was a discrepancy, we punished our leaders. Friends, it’s up to you to decide whom to trust.

Ivan Vazov, the patriarch of Bulgarian literature in “Under the Yoke” swore us to be enthusiastic idealists, bold to madness, in love with Bulgaria to fanaticism, honest to self-sacrifice. Are we going to be like this, fellas? To save Bulgaria, to prosper our people – let’s stand up and they will fall! Fame and glory for Bulgaria, honor and dignity for the people!

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